Sec. 25.1141 - Powerplant controls: general.

Each powerplant control must be located, arranged, and designed under 25.777 through 25.781 and marked under 25.1555. In addition, it must meet the following requirements:

(a) Each control must be located so that it cannot be inadvertently operated by persons entering, leaving, or moving normally in, the cockpit.

(b) Each flexible control must be approved or must be shown to be suitable for the particular application.

(c) Each control must have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand operating loads without failure and without excessive deflection.

(d) Each control must be able to maintain any set position without constant attention by flight crewmembers and without creep due to control loads or vibration.

(e) The portion of each powerplant control located in a designated fire zone that is required to be operated in the event of fire must be at least fire resistant.

(f) Powerplant valve controls located in the cockpit must have --

(1) For manual valves, positive stops or in the case of fuel valves suitable index provisions, in the open and closed position; and

(2) For power-assisted valves, a means to indicate to the flight crew when the valve --

(i) Is in the fully open or fully closed position; or

(ii) Is moving between the fully open and fully closed position.

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