Sec. 25.1583 - 25

(a) Airspeed limitations. The following airspeed limitations and any other airspeed limitations necessary for safe operation must be furnished:

(1) The maximum operating limit speed VMO/MMO and a statement that this speed limit may not be deliberately exceeded in any regime of flight (climb, cruise, or descent) unless a higher speed is authorized for flight test or pilot training.

(2) If an airspeed limitation is based upon compressibility effects, a statement to this effect and information as to any symptoms, the probable behavior of the airplane, and the recommended recovery procedures.

(3) The maneuvering speed VA and a statement that full application of rudder and aileron controls, as well as maneuvers that involve angles of attack near the stall, should be confined to speeds below this value.

(4) The flap extended speed VFE and the pertinent flap positions and engine powers.

(5) The landing gear operating speed or speeds, and a statement explaining the speeds as defined in 25.1515(a).

(6) The landing gear extended speed VLE, if greater than VLO, and a statement that this is the maximum speed at which the airplane can be safely flown with the landing gear extended.

(b) Powerplant limitations. The following information must be furnished:

(1) Limitations required by 25.1521 and 25.1522.

(2) Explanation of the limitations, when appropriate.

(3) Information necessary for marking the instruments required by 25.1549 through 25.1553.

(c) Weight and loading distribution. The weight and center of gravity limitations established under 25.1519 must be furnished in the Airplane Flight Manual. All of the following information, including the weight distribution limitations established under 25.1519, must be presented either in the Airplane Flight Manual or in a separate weight and balance control and loading document that is incorporated by reference in the Airplane Flight Manual:

(1) The condition of the airplane and the items included in the empty weight as defined in accordance with 25.29.

(2) Loading instructions necessary to ensure loading of the airplane within the weight and center of gravity limits, and to maintain the loading within these limits in flight.

(3) If certification for more than one center of gravity range is requested, the appropriate limitations, with regard to weight and loading procedures, for each separate center of gravity range.

(d) Flight crew. The number and functions of the minimum flight crew determined under 25.1523 must be furnished.

(e) Kinds of operation. The kinds of operation approved under 25.1525 must be furnished.

(f) Ambient air temperatures and operating altitudes. The extremes of the ambient air temperatures and operating altitudes established under 25.1527 must be furnished.

(g) [Reserved]

(h) Additional operating limitations. The operating limitations established under 25.1533 must be furnished.

(i) Maneuvering flight load factors. The positive maneuvering limit load factors for which the structure is proven, described in terms of accelerations, must be furnished.

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