Sec. 158.13 - Use of PFC revenue.

PFC revenue, including any interest earned after such revenue has been remitted to a public agency, may be used only to finance the allowable costs of approved projects at any airport the public agency controls.

(a) Total cost. PFC revenue may be used to pay all or part of the allowable cost of an approved project.

(b) Bond-associated debt service and financing costs. (1) PFC revenue may be used to pay debt service and financing costs incurred on that portion of a bond issued to carry out approved projects.

(2) If bond documents require that PFC revenue be commingled in the general revenue stream of the airport controlled by the public agency and pledged generally for the benefit of holders of obligations issued thereunder, PFC revenue is deemed to have been used to pay the costs covered in 158.13 (b)(1) if --

(i) An amount equal to that portion of the proceeds of the bond issued to carry out approved projects is used to pay allowable costs of such projects; and

(ii) To the extent that the amount of PFC revenue collected in any year exceeds the amount of debt service and financing costs on such bonds during that year, an amount equal to the excess is applied as required by 158.39.

(c) Combination of PFC revenue and Federal grant funds. A public agency may use a combination of PFC revenue and airport grant funds to accomplish an approved project. Such projects shall be subject to the recordkeeping and auditing requirements set forth in subpart D of this part, in addition to the reporting, recordkeeping and auditing requirements imposed pursuant to the Airport and Airway Improvement Act of 1982 (AAIA).

(d) Non-Federal share. PFC revenue may be used to meet the non-Federal share of the cost of projects funded under the Federal airport grant program.

(e) Approval of project following approval to impose a PFC. The public agency shall not use PFC revenue or interest earned thereon except on an approved project.