Sec. 158.9 - Limitations.

(a) No public agency may impose a PFC on any passenger --

(1) For more than 2 boardings on a one-way trip or in each direction of a round trip;

(2) On any flight to an eligible point on an air carrier that receives essential air service compensation on that route. The Administrator makes available a list of carriers and eligible routes determined by the Department of Transportation for which PFC's may not be imposed under this section;

(3) Who is a nonrevenue passenger or obtained the ticket for air transportation with a frequent flier award coupon;

(4) On flights, including flight segments, between 2 or more points in Hawaii; or

(5) In Alaska aboard an aircraft having a certificated seating capacity of less than 60 passengers.

(b) No public agency may require a foreign airline that does not serve a point or points in the U.S. to collect a PFC from a passenger.

[Doc. No. 26385, 56 FR 24278, May 29, 1991, as amended by Amdt. 158-2, 65 FR 34541, May 30, 2000]