Sec. 152.107 - Project eligibility: Airport development.

(a) Except in the case of approved stage development, each project for airport development must provide for --

(1) Development of an airport or unit of an airport that is safe, useful, and usable; or,

(2) An additional facility that increases the safety, usefulness, and usability of an airport.

(b) Unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator, a project for airport development must involve more than $25,000 in United States funds.

(c) The development included in a project for airport development must --

(1) In the opinion of the Administrator, be "airport development" as defined in 152.3;

(2) Be identified as airport development in the mandatory standards incorporated into this part by 152.11; and

(3) Be described in an approved airport layout plan.

(d) The airport involved in a project for airport development must be included in the current NASP.

(e) In complying with paragraph (a) of this section, the sponsor must --

(1) Own, acquire, or agree to acquire control over, or a property interest in, runway clear zones that the Administrator considers adequate; and

(2) Provide for approach and runway lighting systems satisfactory to the Administrator.