Sec. 151.37 - Sponsor eligibility.

To be eligible to apply for an individual or joint project for development with respect to a particular airport a sponsor must --

(a) Be a public agency, which includes for the purposes of this part only, a State, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam or an agency of any of them; a municipality or other political subdivision; a tax-supported organization; or the United States or an agency thereof;

(b) Be legally, financially, and otherwise able to --

(1) Make the certifications, representations, and warranties in the application form prescribed in 151.67(a);

(2) Make, keep, and perform the assurances, agreements, and covenants in that form; and

(3) Meet the other applicable requirements of the Federal Airport Act and subparts B and C;

(c) Have, or be able to obtain, enough funds to meet the requirements of 151.23; and

(d) Have, or be able to obtain, property interests that meet the requirements of 151.25(a).

For the purpose of paragraph (a) of this section, the United States, or an agency thereof, is not eligible for a project under subparts B and C, unless the project --

(1) Is located in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or Guam;

(2) Is in or is in close proximity to a national park, a national recreation area, or a national monument; or

(3) Is in a national forest or a special reservation for United States purposes.

[Doc. No. 1329, 27 FR 12351, Dec. 13, 1962, as amended by Amdt. 151-8, 30 FR 8040, June 23, 1965]