Appendix C to Part 147 - Airframe Curriculum Subjects

This appendix lists the subjects required in at least 750 hours of each airframe curriculum, in addition to at least 400 hours in general curriculum subjects.

The number in parentheses before each item listed under each subject heading indicates the level of proficiency at which that item must be taught.

                         I. Airframe Structures
                           a. wood structures
1  1  (1  1. Service and repair wood structures.
     (1)  2. Identify wood defects.
     (1)  3. Inspect wood structures.
                          b. aircraft covering
     (1)  4. Select and apply fabric and fiberglass covering materials.
     (1)  5. Inspect, test, and repair fabric and fiberglass.
                          c. aircraft finishes
     (1)  6. Apply trim, letters, and touchup paint.
     (2)  7. Identify and select aircraft finishing materials.
     (2)  8. Apply finishing materials.
     (2)  9. Inspect finishes and identify defects.
               d. sheet metal and non-metallic structures
     (2)  10. Select, install, and remove special fasteners for
           metallic, bonded, and composite structures.
     (2)  11. Inspect bonded structures.
     (2)  12. Inspect, test, and repair fiberglass, plastics, honeycomb,
           composite, and laminated primary and secondary structures.
     (2)  13. Inspect, check, service, and repair windows, doors, and
           interior furnishings.
     (3)  14. Inspect and repair sheet-metal structures.
     (3)  15. Install conventional rivets.
     (3)  16. Form, lay out, and bend sheet metal.
                               e. welding
     (1)  17. Weld magnesium and titanium.
     (1)  18. Solder stainless steel.
     (1)  19. Fabricate tubular structures.
     (2)  20. Solder, braze, gas-weld, and arc-weld steel.
     (1)  21. Weld aluminum and stainless steel.
                         f. assembly and rigging
     (1)  22. Rig rotary-wing aircraft.
     (2)  23. Rig fixed-wing aircraft.
     (2)  24. Check alignment of structures.
     (3)  25. Assemble aircraft components, including flight control
     (3)  26. Balance, rig, and inspect movable primary and secondary
           flight control surfaces.
     (3)  27. Jack aircraft.
                         g. airframe inspection
     (3)  28. Perform airframe conformity and airworthiness inspections.
                   II. Airframe Systems and Components
                    a. aircraft landing gear systems
1  1  (3  29. Inspect, check, service, and repair landing gear,
        )  retraction systems, shock struts, brakes, wheels, tires, and
           steering systems.
                b. hydraulic and pneumatic power systems
     (2)  30. Repair hydraulic and pneumatic power systems components.
     (3)  31. Identify and select hydraulic fluids.
     (3)  32. Inspect, check, service, troubleshoot, and repair
           hydraulic and pneumatic power systems.
                   c. cabin atmosphere control systems
     (1)  33. Inspect, check, troubleshoot, service, and repair heating,
           cooling, air conditioning, pressurization systems, and air
           cycle machines.
     (1)  34. Inspect, check, troubleshoot, service, and repair heating,
           cooling, air-conditioning, and pressurization systems.
     (2)  35. Inspect, check, troubleshoot, service and repair oxygen
                     d. aircraft instrument systems
     (1)  36. Inspect, check, service, troubleshoot, and repair
           electronic flight instrument systems and both mechanical and
           electrical heading, speed, altitude, temperature, pressure,
           and position indicating systems to include the use of built-
           in test equipment.
     (2)  37. Install instruments and perform a static pressure system
           leak test.
                 e. communication and navigation systems
     (1)  38. Inspect, check, and troubleshoot autopilot, servos and
           approach coupling systems.
     (1)  39. Inspect, check, and service aircraft electronic
           communication and navigation systems, including VHF passenger
           address interphones and static discharge devices, aircraft
           VOR, ILS, LORAN, Radar beacon transponders, flight management
           computers, and GPWS.
     (2)  40. Inspect and repair antenna and electronic equipment
                        f. aircraft fuel systems
     (1)  41. Check and service fuel dump systems.
     (1)  42. Perform fuel management transfer, and defueling.
     (1)  43. Inspect, check, and repair pressure fueling systems.
     (2)  44. Repair aircraft fuel system components.
     (2)  45. Inspect and repair fluid quantity indicating systems.
     (2)  46. Troubleshoot, service, and repair fluid pressure and
           temperature warning systems.
     (3)  47. Inspect, check, service, troubleshoot, and repair aircraft
           fuel systems.
                     g. aircraft electrical systems
     (2)  48. Repair and inspect aircraft electrical system components;
           crimp and splice wiring to manufacturers' specifications; and
           repair pins and sockets of aircraft connectors.
     (3)  49. Install, check, and service airframe electrical wiring,
           controls, switches, indicators, and protective devices.
     (3)  50.a. Inspect, check, troubleshoot, service, and repair
           alternating and direct current electrical systems.
     (1)  50.b. Inspect, check, and troubleshoot constant speed and
           integrated speed drive generators.
                     h. position and warning systems
     (2)  51. Inspect, check, and service speed and configuration
           warning systems, electrical brake controls, and anti-skid
     (3)  52. Inspect, check, troubleshoot, and service landing gear
           position indicating and warning systems.
                     i. ice and rain control systems
     (2)  53. Inspect, check, troubleshoot, service, and repair airframe
           ice and rain control systems.
                       j. fire protection systems
     (1)  54. Inspect, check, and service smoke and carbon monoxide
           detection systems.
     (3)  55. Inspect, check, service, troubleshoot, and repair aircraft
           fire detection and extinguishing systems.

[Amdt. 147-2, 35 FR 5535, Apr. 3, 1970, as amended by Amdt. 147-5, 57 FR 28960, June 29, 1992]