Sec. 142.1 - Applicability.

(a) This subpart prescribes the requirements governing the certification and operation of aviation training centers. Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, this part provides an alternative means to accomplish training required by parts 61, 63, 121, 125, 135, or 137 of this chapter.

(b) Certification under this part is not required for training that is --

(1) Approved under the provisions of parts 63, 121, 125, 135, and 137;

(2) Approved under SFAR 58, Advanced Qualification Programs, for the authorization holder's own employees;

(3) Conducted under part 61 unless that part requires certification under this part;

(4) Conducted by a part 121 certificate holder for another part 121 certificate holder; or

(5) Conducted by a part 135 certificate holder for another part 135 certificate holder.

(c) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, after August 3, 1998, no person may conduct training, testing, or checking in advanced flight training devices or flight simulators without, or in violation of, the certificate and training specifications required by this part.

[Doc. No. 26933, 61 FR 34562, July 2, 1996, as amended by Amdt. 142-4, 66 FR 21067, Apr. 27, 2001]