Sec. 145.15 - Change or renewal of certificates.

(a) Each of the following requires the certificate holder to apply for a change in a repair station certificate, on a form and in the manner prescribed by the Administrator:

(1) A change in the location or housing and facilities of the station.

(2) A request to revise or amend a rating.

(b) If the holder of a repair station certificate sells or transfers its assets, the new owner must apply for an amended certificate, in the manner prescribed in 145.11 and, if applicable, 145.13.

(c) A person requesting renewal of a foreign repair station certificate shall, within 30 days before his current certificate expires, send the request to the FAA office having jurisdiction over the station. If he does not make the request within that period, he must follow the procedure prescribed in 145.13 for applying for a new certificate, but without copies of the brochure.

[Doc. No. 1157, 27 FR 6662, July 13, 1962, as amended by Amdt. 145-8, 32 FR 15670, Nov. 14, 1967]