Sec. 145.33 - Limited ratings.

(a) Whenever the Administrator finds it appropriate, he may issue a limited rating to a domestic repair station that maintains or alters only a particular type of airframe, powerplant, propeller, radio, instrument, or accessory, or parts thereof, or performs only specialized maintenance requiring equipment and skills not ordinarily found in regular repair stations. Such a rating may be limited to a specific model aircraft, engine, or constituent part, or to any number of parts made by a particular manufacturer.

(b) Limited ratings are issued for --

(1) Airframes of a particular make and model;

(2) Engines of a particular make and model;

(3) Propellers of a particular make and model;

(4) Instruments of a particular make and model;

(5) Radio equipment of a particular make and model;

(6) Accessories of a particular make and model;

(7) Landing gear components;

(8) Floats, by make;

(9) Nondestructive inspection, testing, and processing;

(10) Emergency equipment;

(11) Rotor blades, by make and model;

(12) Aircraft fabric work; and

(13) Any other purpose for which the Administrator finds the applicant's request is appropriate.

(c) For a limited rating for specialized services, the operations specifications of the station shall contain the specification used in performing that specialized service. The specification may either be a civil or military one that is currently used by industry and approved by the Administrator or one developed by the applicant and approved by the Administrator.