Sec. 145.39 - Personnel requirements.

(a) An applicant for a domestic repair station certificate and rating, or for an additional rating, must provide adequate personnel who can perform, supervise, and inspect the work for which the station is to be rated. The officials of the station must carefully consider the justifications and abilities of their employees and shall determine the abilities of its uncertificated employees performing maintenance operations on the basis of practical tests or employment records. The repair station is primarily responsible for the satisfactory work of its employees.

(b) The number of repair station employees may vary according to the type and volume of its work. However, the applicant must have enough properly qualified employees to keep up with the volume of work in process, and may not reduce the number of its employees below that necessary to efficiently produce airworthy work.

(c) Each repair station shall determine the abilities of its supervisors and shall provide enough of them for all phases of its activities. However, the Administrator may determine the ability of any supervisor by inspecting his employment and experience records or by a personal test. Each supervisor must have direct supervision over working groups but need not have over-all supervision at management level. Whenever apprentices or students are used in working groups on assemblies or other operations that might be critical to the aircraft, the repair station shall provide at least one supervisor for each 10 apprentices or students, unless the apprentices or students are integrated into groups of experienced workers.

(d) Each person who is directly in charge of the maintenance functions of a repair station must be appropriately certificated as a mechanic or repairman under part 65 of this chapter and must have had at least 18 months of practical experience in the procedures, practices, inspection methods, materials, tools, machine tools, and equipment generally used in the work for which the station is rated. Experience as an apprentice or student mechanic may not be counted in computing the 18 months of experience. In addition, at least one of the persons so in charge of maintenance functions for a station with an airframe rating must have had experience in the methods and procedures prescribed by the Administrator for returning aircraft to service after 100-hour, annual, and progressive inspections.

(e) Each limited repair station shall have employees with detailed knowledge of the particular maintenance function or technique for which it is rated, based on attending a factory school or long experience with the product or technique involved.