Sec. 145.43 - Records of supervisory and inspection personnel.

(a) Each applicant for a domestic repair station certificate and rating, or for an additional rating, must have, and each certificated domestic repair station shall maintain, a roster of --

(1) Its supervisory personnel, including the names of the officials of the station that are responsible for its management and the names of its technical supervisors, such as foreman and crew chiefs; and

(2) Its inspection personnel, including the names of the chief inspector and those inspectors who make final airworthiness determinations before releasing an article to service.

(b) The station shall also provide a summary of the employment of each person whose name is on the roster. The summary must contain enough information as to each person on the roster to show compliance with the experience requirements of this subpart, including --

(1) His present title (e.g., chief inspector, metal shop foreman, etc.);

(2) His total years of experience in the type of work he is doing;

(3) His past employment record, with names of places and term of employment by month, and year;

(4) The scope of his present employment (e.g., airframe overhaul, airframe final assembly, engine inspection, department, etc.); and

(5) The type and number of the mechanic or repairman certificate that he holds, and the ratings on that certificate.

(c) The station shall change the roster, as necessary, to reflect --

(1) Terminating the employment of any person whose name is on the roster;

(2) Assigning any person to duties that require his name to be carried on the roster; or

(3) Any appreciable change in the duties and scope of assignment of any person whose name is on the roster.

(d) The station shall keep the roster and employment summaries required by this section, subject to inspection by the Administrator upon his request.

(e) A domestic repair station may not use the services of a person directly in charge of maintenance or alteration unless it keeps current records on him as required by this section.

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