Sec. 145.49 - Equipment and materials: Limited rating.

(a) An applicant for a limited rating (other than specialized services) under 145.33, must have the equipment and materials to perform any job function appropriate to the rating and class specified in 145.47 for the rating he seeks. However, he need not be equipped for a function that does not apply to the particular make or model article for which he seeks a rating, if he shows that it is not necessary under the recommendations of the manufacturer of the article.

(b) An applicant for a rating for specialized services or techniques under 145.33 must --

(1) For magnetic and penetrant inspection, have the equipment and materials for wet and dry magnetic inspection techniques, residual and continuous methods, and portable equipment for the inspection of welds both on and off the aircraft;

(2) For emergency equipment maintenance, have the equipment and materials to perform inspections, repairs, and tests of all kinds of inflated equipment, the re-packing, re-marking, re-sealing, and re-stocking of life rafts, and the weighing, refilling, and testing of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and oxygen containers;

(3) For rotor blade maintenance, have the equipment, materials, and technical data recommended by the manufacturer; and

(4) For aircraft fabric work, have the equipment and materials to apply protective coatings to structures, machine stitch fabric panels, perform covering, sewing, and rib stitching operations, apply dope and paint using temperature and humidity control equipment, install patches, grommets, tapes, hooks, and similar equipment, and refinish entire aircraft and aircraft parts.