Sec. 145.63 - Reports of defects or unairworthy conditions.

(a) Each certificated domestic repair station shall report to the Administrator within 72 hours after it discovers any serious defect in, or other recurring unairworthy condition of, an aircraft, powerplant, or propeller, or any component of any of them. The report shall be made on a form and in a manner prescribed by the Administrator, describing the defect or malfunction completely without withholding any pertinent information.

(b) In any case where the filing of a report under paragraph (a) of this section might prejudice the repair station, it shall refer the matter to the Administrator for a determination as to whether it must be reported. If the defect or malfunction could result in an imminent hazard to flight, the repair station shall use the most expeditious method it can to inform the Administrator.

(c) The holder of a domestic repair station certificate that is also the holder of a part 121 or 135 certificate, a Type Certificate (including a Supplemental Type Certificate), a Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA), or a TSO authorization, or that is the licensee of a Type Certificate, need not report a failure, malfunction, or defect under this section if the failure, malfunction, or defect has been reported by it, under 21.3, 37.17, 121.703, or 135.57 of this chapter.

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