Sec. 145.79 - Records and reports.

(a) Each certificated foreign repair station shall maintain such records, and make such reports, with respect to United States registered aircraft, as the Administrator finds necessary, including those prescribed in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section.

(b) Each certificated foreign repair station shall keep a record of the maintenance and alteration it performs on United States registered aircraft, in enough detail to show the make, model, identification number, and serial number of the aircraft involved, and a description of the work. In a case of major repairs or major alterations, or both, it shall report on a form and in a manner prescribed by the Administrator, giving the original copy to the aircraft owner and sending a copy to the Administrator through the FAA office having jurisdiction over the station. However, if a major repair or alteration is made on a United States scheduled flag air carrier aircraft, the report may be made in the log or other record provided by the carrier for that purpose. Upon request, the station shall make all of its maintenance and alteration records available to the Administrator.

(c) Each certificated foreign repair station shall, within 72 hours after it discovers any serious defect in, or other recurring unairworthy condition of, any aircraft, powerplant, propeller, or any component of any of them, that it works on under this part, report that defect or unairworthy condition to the Administrator.

(d) The holder of a foreign repair station certificate that is also the holder of a Type Certificate (including a Supplemental Type Certificate), a Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA), or a TSO authorization or that is the licensee of a Type Certificate need not report a failure, malfunction, or defect under this section if the failure, malfunction, or defect has been reported by it, under 21.3 of this chapter or 37.17 of this chapter.

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