Sec. 139.307 - Unpaved areas.

(a) Each certificate holder shall maintain and promptly repair the surface of each gravel, turf, or other unpaved runway, taxiway, or loading ramp and parking area on the airport which is available for air carrier use as follows:

(1) No slope from the edge of the full-strength surfaces downward to the existing terrain shall be steeper than 2:1.

(2) The full-strength surfaces shall have adequate crown or grade to assure sufficient drainage to prevent ponding.

(3) The full-strength surfaces shall be adequately compacted and sufficiently stable to prevent rutting by aircraft, or the loosening or buildup of surface material which could impair directional control of aircraft or drainage.

(4) The full-strength surfaces must have no holes or depressions which exceed 3 inches in depth and are of a breadth capable of impairing directional control or causing damage to an aircraft.

(5) Debris and foreign objects shall be promptly removed from the surface.

(b) Standards and procedures for the maintenance and configuration of unpaved full-strength surfaces shall be included in the airport certification manual or the airport certification specifications, as appropriate, for compliance with this section.