Sec. 139.327 - Self-inspection program.

(a) Each certificate holder shall inspect the airport to assure compliance with this subpart --

(1) Daily, except as otherwise required by the airport certification manual or airport certification specifications;

(2) When required by any unusual condition such as construction activities or meteorological conditions that may affect safe air carrier operations; and

(3) Immediately after an accident or incident.

(b) Each certificate holder shall provide the following:

(1) Equipment for use in conducting safety inspections of the airport;

(2) Procedures, facilities, and equipment for reliable and rapid dissemination of information between airport personnel and its air carriers;

(3) Procedures to ensure that qualified inspection personnel perform the inspections; and

(4) A reporting system to ensure prompt correction of unsafe airport conditions noted during the inspection.

(c) Each certificate holder shall prepare and keep for at least 6 months, and make available for inspection by the Administrator on request, a record of each inspection prescribed by this section, showing the conditions found and all corrective actions taken.

(d) FAA Advisory Circulars in the 150 series contain standards and procedures for the conduct of airport self-inspections which are acceptable to the Administrator.

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