Sec. 139.329 - Ground vehicles.

Each certificate holder shall --

(a) Limit access to movement areas and safety areas only to those ground vehicles necessary for airport operations;

(b) Establish and implement procedures for the safe and orderly access to, and operation on, the movement area and safety areas by ground vehicles, including provisions identifying the consequences of noncompliance with the procedures by an employee, tenant, or contractor;

(c) When an air traffic control tower is in operation, ensure that each ground vehicle operating on the movement area is controlled by one of the following:

(1) Two-way radio communications between each vehicle and the tower,

(2) An escort vehicle with two-way radio communications with the tower to accompany any vehicle without a radio, or

(3) Measures acceptable to the Administrator for controlling vehicles, such as signs, signals, or guards, when it is not operationally practical to have two-way radio communications with the vehicle or an escort vehicle;

(d) When an air traffic control tower is not in operation, provide adequate procedures to control ground vehicles on the movement area through prearranged signs or signals;

(e) Ensure that each employee, tenant, or contractor who operates a ground vehicle on any portion of the airport that has access to the movement area is familiar with the airport's procedures for the operation of ground vehicles and the consequences of noncompliance; and

(f) On request by the Administrator, make available for inspection any record of accidents or incidents on the movement areas involving air carrier aircraft and/or ground vehicles.

[Doc. No. 24812, 52 FR 44282, Nov. 18, 1987, as amended by Amdt. 139-17, 55 FR 48214, Nov. 19, 1990]