Sec. 129.14 - Maintenance program and minimum equipment list requirements for U.S.-registered aircraft.

(a) Each foreign air carrier and each foreign person operating a U.S.-registered aircraft within or outside the United States in common carriage shall ensure that each aircraft is maintained in accordance with a program approved by the Administrator.

(b) No foreign air carrier or foreign person may operate a U.S.-registered aircraft with inoperable instruments or equipment unless the following conditions are met:

(1) A master minimum equipment list exists for the aircraft type.

(2) The foreign operator submits for review and approval its aircraft minimum equipment list based on the master minimum equipment list, to the FAA Flight Standards District Office having geographic responsibility for the operator. The foreign operator must show, before minimum equipment list approval can be obtained, that the maintenance procedures used under its maintenance program are adequate to support the use of its minimum equipment list.

(3) For leased aircraft maintained and operated under a U.S. operator's continuous airworthiness maintenance program and FAA-approved minimum equipment list, the foreign operator submits the U.S. operator's approved continuous airworthiness maintenance program and approved aircraft minimum equipment list to the FAA office prescribed in paragraph (b)(2) of this section for review and evaluation. The foreign operator must show that it is capable of operating under the lessor's approved maintenance program and that it is also capable of meeting the maintenance and operational requirements specified in the lessor's approved minimum equipment list.

(4) The FAA letter of authorization permitting the operator to use an approved minimum equipment list is carried aboard the aircraft. The minimum equipment list and the letter of authorization constitute a supplemental type certificate for the aircraft.

(5) The approved minimum equipment list provides for the operation of the aircraft with certain instruments and equipment in an inoperable condition.

(6) The aircraft records available to the pilot must include an entry describing the inoperable instruments and equipment.

(7) The aircraft is operated under all applicable conditions and limitations contained in the minimum equipment list and the letter authorizing the use of the list.

[Doc. No. 24856, 52 FR 20029, May 28, 1987]