Sec. 121.415 - Crewmember and dispatcher training requirements.

(a) Each training program must provide the following ground training as appropriate to the particular assignment of the crewmember or dispatcher:

(1) Basic indoctrination ground training for newly hired crewmembers or dispatchers including 40 programmed hours of instruction, unless reduced under 121.405 or as specified in 121.401(d), in at least the following --

(i) Duties and responsibilities of crewmembers or dispatchers, as applicable;

(ii) Appropriate provisions of the Federal Aviation Regulations;

(iii) Contents of the certificate holder's operating certificate and operations specifications (not required for flight attendants); and

(iv) Appropriate portions of the certificate holder's operating manual.

(2) The initial and transition ground training specified in 121.419 through 121.422, as applicable.

(3) Emergency training as specified in 121.417 (not required for dispatchers).

(b) Each training program must provide the flight training specified in 121.424 through 121.426, as applicable.

(c) Each training program must provide recurrent ground and flight training as provided in 121.427.

(d) Each training program must provide the differences training specified in 121.418 if the Administrator finds that, due to differences between airplanes of the same type operated by the certificate holder, additional training is necessary to insure that each crewmember and dispatcher is adequately trained to perform his assigned duties.

(e) Upgrade training as specified in 121.419 and 121.424 for a particular type airplane may be included in the training program for crewmembers who have qualified and served as second in command pilot or flight engineer on that airplane.

(f) Particular subjects, maneuvers, procedures, or parts thereof specified in 121.419 through 121.425 for transition or upgrade training, as applicable, may be omitted, or the programmed hours of ground instruction or inflight training may be reduced, as provided in 121.405.

(g) In addition to initial, transition, upgrade, recurrent and differences training, each training program must also provide ground and flight training, instruction, and practice as necessary to insure that each crewmember and dispatcher --

(1) Remains adequately trained and currently proficient with respect to each airplane, crewmember position, and type of operation in which he serves; and

(2) Qualifies in new equipment, facilities, procedures, and techniques, including modifications to airplanes.

[Doc. No. 9509, 35 FR 90, Jan. 3, 1970, as amended by Amdt. 121-130, 41 FR 47229, Oct. 28, 1976]