Sec. 101.23 - Operating limitations.

No person may operate an unmanned rocket --

(a) In a manner that creates a collision hazard with other aircraft;

(b) In controlled airspace;

(c) Within five miles of the boundary of any airport;

(d) At any altitude where clouds or obscuring phenomena of more than five-tenths coverage prevails;

(e) At any altitude where the horizontal visibility is less than five miles;

(f) Into any cloud;

(g) Within 1,500 feet of any person or property that is not associated with the operations; or

(h) Between sunset and sunrise. (Sec. 6(c), Department of Transportation Act (49 U.S.C. 1655(c)))

[Doc. No. 1580, 28 FR 6722, June 29, 1963, as amended by Amdt. 101-4, 39 FR 22252, June 21, 1974]