Sec. 101.25 - Notice requirements.

No person may operate an unmanned rocket unless that person gives the following information to the FAA ATC facility nearest to the place of intended operation no less than 24 hours prior to and no more than 48 hours prior to beginning the operation:

(a) The names and addresses of the operators; except when there are multiple participants at a single event, the name and address of the person so designated as the event launch coordinator, whose duties include coordination of the required launch data estimates and coordinating the launch event;

(b) The estimated number of rockets to be operated;

(c) The estimated size and the estimated weight of each rocket; and

(d) The estimated highest altitude or flight level to which each rocket will be operated.

(e) The location of the operation.

(f) The date, time, and duration of the operation.

(g) Any other pertinent information requested by the ATC facility.

[Doc. No. 1580, 28 FR 6722, June 29, 1963, as amended by Amdt. 101-6, 59 FR 50393, Oct. 3, 1994]