Sec. 93.301 - Applicability.

This subpart prescribes special operating rules for all persons operating aircraft in the following airspace, designated as the Grand Canyon National Park Special Flight Rules Area: That airspace extending from the surface up to but not including 18,000 feet MSL within an area bounded by a line beginning at Lat. 3555&min;12&sec; N., Long. 11204&min;05&sec; W.; east to Lat. 3555&min;38&sec; N., Long. 11142&min;12&sec; W.; north to Lat. 3616&min;47&sec; N., Long. 11142&min;17&sec; W.; to Lat. 3624&min;49&sec; N., Long. 11147&min;45&sec; W.; to Lat. 3652&min;23&sec; N., Long. 11133&min;10&sec; W.; west-northwest to Lat. 3653&min;37&sec; N., Long. 11138&min;29&sec; W.; southwest to Lat. 3635&min;02&sec; N., Long. 11153&min;28&sec; W.; to Lat. 3621&min;30&sec; N., Long. 11200&min;03&sec; W.; west-northwest to Lat. 3630&min;30&sec; N., Long. 11235&min;59&sec; W.; southwest to Lat. 3624&min;46&sec; N., Long. 11251&min;10&sec; W.; thence west along the boundary of Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) to Lat. 3614&min;08&sec; N., Long. 11310&min;07&sec; W.; west-southwest to Lat. 3609&min;50&sec; N., Long. 11401&min;53&sec; W.; southeast to Lat. 3606&min;24&sec; N., Long. 11358&min;46&sec; W.; thence south along the boundary of GCNP to Lat. 3600&min;23&sec; N., Long. 11354&min;11&sec; W.; northeast to Lat. 3602&min;14&sec; N., Long. 11350&min;16&sec; W.; to Lat. 3602&min;16&sec; N., Long. 11348&min;08&sec; W.; thence southeast along the boundary of GCNP to Lat. 3558&min;09&sec; N., Long. 11345&min;04&sec; W.; southwest to Lat. 3554&min;48&sec; N., Long. 11350&min;24&sec; W.; southeast to Lat. 3541&min;01&sec; N., Long. 11335&min;27&sec; W.; thence clockwise via the 4.2-nautical mile radius of the Peach Springs VORTAC to Lat. 3528&min;53&sec; N., Long. 11327&min;49&sec; W.; northeast to Lat. 3542&min;58&sec; N., Long. 11310&min;57&sec; W.; north to Lat. 3557&min;51&sec; N., Long. 11311&min;06&sec; W.; east to Lat. 3557&min;44&sec; N., Long. 11214&min;04&sec; W.; thence clockwise via the 4.3-nautical mile radius of the Grand Canyon National Park Airport reference point (Lat. 3557&min;08&sec; N., Long. 11208&min;49&sec; W.) to the point of origin.

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