Sec. 99.11 - ADIZ flight plan requirements.

(a) Unless otherwise authorized by air traffic control, a person must not operate an aircraft into, within, or whose departure point is within an ADIZ unless the person files, activates, and closes a flight plan with the appropriate aeronautical facility.

(b) Unless ATC authorizes an abbreviated flight plan --

(1) A flight plan for IFR flight must contain the information specified in 91.169; and

(2) A flight plan for VFR flight must contain the information specified in 91.153(a) (1) through (6).

(3) If airport of departure is within the Alaskan ADIZ and there is no facility for filing a flight plan then:

(i) Immediately after takeoff or when within range of an appropriate aeronautical facility, comply with provisions of paragraph (b)(1) or (b)(2) as appropriate.

(ii) Proceed according to the instructions issued by the appropriate aeronautical facility.

(c) The pilot shall designate a flight plan for VFR flight as a DVFR flight plan.

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