Sec. 47.47 - Cancellation of Certificate for export purpose.

(a) The holder of a Certificate of Aircraft Registration who wishes to cancel the Certificate for the purpose of export must submit to the FAA Aircraft Registry --

(1) A written request for cancellation of the Certificate describing the aircraft by make, model, and serial number, stating the U.S. identification number and the country to which the aircraft will be exported; and

(2) Evidence satisfactory to the Administrator that each holder of a recorded right has been satisfied or has consented to the transfer.

(b) The FAA notifies the country to which the aircraft is to be exported of the cancellation by ordinary mail, or by airmail at the owner's request. The owner must arrange and pay for the transmission of this notice by means other than ordinary mail or airmail.

[Amdt. 47-11, 36 FR 8661, May 11, 1971, as amended by Amdt. 47-23, 53 FR 1915, Jan. 25, 1988]