Sec. 34.71 - Compliance with gaseous emission standards.

Compliance with each gaseous emission standard by an aircraft engine shall be determined by comparing the pollutant level in grams/kilonewton/thrust/cycle or grams/kilowatt/cycle as calculated in 34.64 with the applicable emission standard under this part. An acceptable alternative to testing every engine is described in Appendix 6 to ICAO Annex 16, Environmental Protection, Volume II, Aircraft Engine Emissions, Second Edition, July 1993, effective July 26, 1993. This incorporation by reference was approved by the Director of the Federal Register in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552(a) and 1 CFR part 51. This document can be obtained from, and copies may be reviewed at, the respective addresses listed in 34.64. Other methods of demonstrating compliance may be approved by the FAA Administrator with the concurrence of the Administrator of the EPA.

[Doc. No. FAA-1999-5018, 64 FR 5559, Feb. 3, 1999; Amdt. 34-3, 64 FR 60336, Nov. 5, 1999]