Sec. 33.14 - Start-stop cyclic stress (low-cycle fatigue).

By a procedure approved by the FAA, operating limitations must be established which specify the maximum allowable number of start-stop stress cycles for each rotor structural part (such as discs, spacers, hubs, and shafts of the compressors and turbines), the failure of which could produce a hazard to the aircraft. A start-stop stress cycle consists of a flight cycle profile or an equivalent representation of engine usage. It includes starting the engine, accelerating to maximum rated power or thrust, decelerating, and stopping. For each cycle, the rotor structural parts must reach stabilized temperature during engine operation at a maximum rate power or thrust and after engine shutdown, unless it is shown that the parts undergo the same stress range without temperature stabilization.

[Amdt. 33-10, 49 FR 6850, Feb. 23, 1984]