Sec. 33.68 - Induction system icing.

Each engine, with all icing protection systems operating, must --

(a) Operate throughout its flight power range (including idling) without the accumulation of ice on the engine components that adversely affects engine operation or that causes a serious loss of power or thrust in continuous maximum and intermittent maximum icing conditions as defined in appendix C of Part 25 of this chapter; and

(b) Idle for 30 minutes on the ground, with the available air bleed for icing protection at its critical condition, without adverse effect, in an atmosphere that is at a temperature between 15 and 30 F (between −9 and −1 C) and has a liquid water content not less than 0.3 grams per cubic meter in the form of drops having a mean effective diameter not less than 20 microns, followed by a momentary operation at takeoff power or thrust. During the 30 minutes of idle operation the engine may be run up periodically to a moderate power or thrust setting in a manner acceptable to the Administrator.

[Amdt. 33-6, 39 FR 35466, Oct. 1, 1974, as amended by Amdt. 33-10, 49 FR 6852, Feb. 23, 1984]