Sec. 29.83 - Landing: Category B.

(a) For each Category B rotorcraft, the horizontal distance required to land and come to a complete stop (or to a speed of approximately 3 knots for water landings) from a point 50 feet above the landing surface must be determined with --

(1) Speeds appropriate to the type of rotorcraft and chosen by the applicant to avoid the critical areas of the height-velocity envelope established under 29.87; and

(2) The approach and landing made with power on and within approved limits.

(b) Each multiengined Category B rotorcraft that meets the powerplant installation requirements for Category A must meet the requirements of --

(1) Sections 29.79 and 29.81; or

(2) Paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) It must be possible to make a safe landing on a prepared landing surface if complete power failure occurs during normal cruise.

[Doc. No. 24802, 61 FR 21900, May 10, 1996; 61 FR 33963, July 1, 1996]