Sec. 21.123 - Production under type certificate.

Each manufacturer of a product being manufactured under a type certificate only shall --

(a) Make each product available for inspection by the Administrator;

(b) Maintain at the place of manufacture the technical data and drawings necessary for the Administrator to determine whether the product and its parts conform to the type design;

(c) Except as otherwise authorized by the Aircraft Certification Directorate Manager for the geographic area which the manufacturer is located, for products manufactured more than 6 months after the date of issue of the type certificate, establish and maintain an approved production inspection system that insures that each product conforms to the type design and is in condition for safe operation; and

(d) Upon the establishment of the approved production inspection system (as required by paragraph (c) of this section) submit to the Administrator a manual that describes that system and the means for making the determinations required by 21.125(b).

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