Sec. 21.130 - Statement of conformity.

Each holder or licensee of a type certificate only, for a product manufactured in the United States, shall, upon the initial transfer by him of the ownership of such product manufactured under that type certificate, or upon application for the original issue of an aircraft airworthiness certificate or an aircraft engine or propeller airworthiness approval tag (FAA Form 8130-3), give the Administrator a statement of conformity (FAA Form 317). This statement must be signed by an authorized person who holds a responsible position in the manufacturing organization, and must include --

(a) For each product, a statement that the product conforms to its type certificate and is in condition for safe operation;

(b) For each aircraft, a statement that the aircraft has been flight checked; and

(c) For each aircraft engine or variable pitch propeller, a statement that the engine or propeller has been subjected by the manufacturer to a final operational check.

However, in the case of a product manufactured for an Armed Force of the United States, a statement of conformity is not required if the product has been accepted by that Armed Force.

[Amdt. 21-25, 34 FR 14068, Sept. 5, 1969]