Sec. 21.163 - Privileges.

(a) The holder of a production certificate may --

(1) Obtain an aircraft airworthiness certificate without further showing, except that the Administrator may inspect the aircraft for conformity with the type design; or

(2) In the case of other products, obtain approval for installation on type certificated aircraft.

(b) Notwithstanding the provisions of 147.3 of this chapter, the holder of a production certificate for a primary category aircraft, or for a normal, utility, or acrobatic category aircraft of a type design that is eligible for a special airworthiness certificate in the primary category under 21.184(c), may --

(1) Conduct training for persons in the performance of a special inspection and preventive maintenance program approved as a part of the aircraft's type design under 21.24(b), provided the training is given by a person holding a mechanic certificate with appropriate airframe and powerplant ratings issued under part 65 of this chapter; and

(2) Issue a certificate of competency to persons successfully completing the approved training program, provided the certificate specifies the aircraft make and model to which the certificate applies.

[Doc. No. 23345, 57 FR 41368, Sept. 9, 1992]