Sec. 21.50 - Instructions for continued airworthiness and manufacturer's maintenance manuals having airworthiness limitations sections.

(a) The holder of a type certificate for a rotorcraft for which a Rotorcraft Maintenance Manual containing an "Airworthiness Limitations" section has been issued under 27.1529 (a)(2) or 29.1529 (a)(2) of this chapter, and who obtains approval of changes to any replacement time, inspection interval, or related procedure in that section of the manual, shall make those changes available upon request to any operator of the same type of rotorcraft.

(b) The holder of a design approval, including either the type certificate or supplemental type certificate for an aircraft, aircraft engine, or propeller for which application was made after January 28, 1981, shall furnish at least one set of complete Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, prepared in accordance with 23.1529, 25.1529, 27.1529, 29.1529, 31.82, 33.4, or 35.4 of this chapter, or as specified in the applicable airworthiness criteria for special classes of aircraft defined in 21.17(b), as applicable, to the owner of each type of aircraft, aircraft engine, or propeller upon its delivery, or upon issuance of the first standard airworthiness certificate for the affected aircraft, whichever occurs later, and thereafter make those instructions available to any other person required by this chapter to comply with any of the terms of these instructions. In addition, changes to the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness shall be made available to any person required by this chapter to comply with any of those instructions.

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