Sec. 21.293 - Current records.

(a) The manufacturer shall maintain at his factory, for each product type certificated under a delegation option authorization, current records containing the following:

(1) For the duration of the manufacturing operating under the delegation option authorization --

(i) A technical data file that includes the type design drawings, specifications, reports on tests prescribed by this part, and the original type inspection report and amendments to that report;

(ii) The data (including amendments) required to be submitted with the original application for each production certificate; and

(iii) A record of any rebuilding and alteration performed by the manufacturer on products manufactured under the delegation option authorization.

(2) For 2 years --

(i) A complete inspection record for each product manufactured, by serial number, and data covering the processes and tests to which materials and parts are subjected; and

(ii) A record of reported service difficulties.

(b) The records and data specified in paragraph (a) of this section shall be --

(1) Made available, upon the Administrator's request, for examination by the Administrator at any time; and

(2) Identified and sent to the Administrator as soon as the manufacturer no longer operates under the delegation option procedures.