Sec. 21.331 - Issue of airworthiness approval tags for Class II products.

(a) An applicant is entitled to an export airworthiness approval tag for Class II products if that applicant shows, except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, that--

(1) The products are new or have been newly overhauled and conform to the approved design data;

(2) The products are in a condition for safe operation;

(3) The products are identified with at least the manufacturer's name, part number, model designation (when applicable), and serial number or equivalent; and

(4) The products meet the special requirements of the importing country.

(b) A product need not meet a requirement specified in paragraph (a) of this section if acceptable to the importing country and the importing country indicates that acceptability in accordance with 21.327(e)(4) of this part.

[Amdt. 21-2, 30 FR 8465, July 2, l965, as amended by Amdt. 21-48, 44 FR 15650, Mar. 15, 1979]