Sec. 21.335 - Responsibilities of exporters.

Each exporter receiving an export airworthiness approval for a product shall --

(a) Forward to the air authority of the importing country all documents and information necessary for the proper operation of the products being exported, e.g., Flight Manuals, Maintenance Manuals, Service Bulletins, and assembly instructions, and such other material as is stipulated in the special requirements of the importing country. The documents, information, and material may be forwarded by any means consistent with the special requirements of the importing country;

(b) Forward the manufacturer's assembly instructions and an FAA-approved flight test checkoff form to the air authority of the importing country when unassembled aircraft are being exported. These instructions must be in sufficient detail to permit whatever rigging, alignment, and ground testing is necessary to ensure that the aircraft will conform to the approved configuration when assembled;

(c) Remove or cause to be removed any temporary installation incorporated on an aircraft for the purpose of export delivery and restore the aircraft to the approved configuration upon completion of the delivery flight;

(d) Secure all proper foreign entry clearances from all the countries involved when conducting sales demonstrations or delivery flights; and

(e) When title to an aircraft passes or has passed to a foreign purchaser --

(1) Request cancellation of the U.S. registration and airworthiness certificates, giving the date of transfer of title, and the name and address of the foreign owner;

(2) Return the Registration and Airworthiness Certificates, AC Form 8050.3 and FAA Form 8100-2, to the FAA; and

(3) Submit a statement certifying that the United States' identification and registration numbers have been removed from the aircraft in compliance with 45.33.

[Amdt. 21-2, 30 FR 8465, July 2, 1965, as amended by Amdt. 21-48, 44 FR 15650, Mar. 15, 1979]