Sec. 21.339 - Special export airworthiness approval for aircraft.

A special export certificate of airworthiness may be issued for an aircraft located in the United States that is to be flown to several foreign countries for the purpose of sale, without returning the aircraft to the United States for the certificate if --

(a) The aircraft possesses either --

(1) A standard U.S. certificate of airworthiness; or

(2) A special U.S. certificate of airworthiness in the restricted category issued under 21.185;

(b) The owner files an application as required by 21.327 except that items 3 and 4 of the application (FAA Form 8130-1) need not be completed;

(c) The aircraft is inspected by the Administrator before leaving the United States and is found to comply with all the applicable requirements;

(d) A list of foreign countries in which it is intended to conduct sales demonstrations, together with the expected dates and duration of such demonstration, is included in the application;

(e) For each prospective importing country, the applicant shows that --

(1) He has met that country's special requirements, other than those requiring that documents, information, and materials be furnished; and

(2) He has the documents, information, and materials necessary to meet the special requirements of that country; and

(f) All other requirements for the issuance of a Class I export certificate of airworthiness are met.

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