Sec. 21.435 - Application.

The applicant for a DAS authorization must submit an application, in writing and signed by an official of the applicant, to the Aircraft Certification Office responsible for the geographic area in which the applicant is located. The application must contain --

(a) The repair station certificate number held by the repair station applicant, and the current ratings covered by the certificate;

(b) The air carrier or commercial operator operating certificate number held by the air carrier or commercial operator applicant, and the products that it may operate and maintain under the certificate;

(c) A statement by the manufacturer applicant of the products for which he holds the type certificate;

(d) The names, signatures, and titles of the persons for whom authorization to issue supplemental type certificates or experimental certificates, or amend airworthiness certificates, is requested; and

(e) A description of the applicant's facilities, and of the staff with which compliance with 21.439(a)(4) is to be shown.

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