Sec. 21.439 - Eligibility.

(a) To be eligible for a DAS authorization, the applicant must --

(1) Hold a current domestic repair station certificate under Part 145, or air carrier or commercial operator operating certificate under Part 121;

(2) Be a manufacturer of a product for which it has alteration authority under 43.3(i) of this subchapter;

(3) Have adequate maintenance facilities and personnel, in the United States, appropriate to the products that it may operate and maintain under its certificate; and

(4) Employ, or have available, a staff of engineering, flight test, and inspection personnel who can determine compliance with the applicable airworthiness requirements of this chapter.

(b) At least one member of the staff required by paragraph (a)(4) of this section must have all of the following qualifications:

(1) A thorough working knowledge of the applicable requirements of this chapter.

(2) A position, on the applicant's staff, with authority to establish alteration programs that ensure that altered products meet the applicable requirements of this chapter.

(3) At least one year of satisfactory experience in direct contact with the FAA (or its predecessor agency (CAA)) while processing engineering work for type certification or alteration projects.

(4) At least eight years of aeronautical engineering experience (which may include the one year required by paragraph (b)(3) of this section).

(5) The general technical knowledge and experience necessary to determine that altered products, of the types for which a DAS authorization is requested, are in condition for safe operation.