Sec. 21.502 - Approval of materials, parts, and appliances.

(a) A material, part, or appliance, manufactured in a foreign country with which the United States has an agreement for the acceptance of those materials, parts, or appliances for export and import, is considered to meet the requirements for approval in the Federal Aviation Regulations when the country of manufacture issues a certificate of airworthiness for export certifying that the individual material, part, or appliance meets those requirements, unless the Administrator finds, based on the technical data submitted under paragraph (b) of this section, that the material, part, or appliance is otherwise not consistent with the intent of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

(b) An applicant for approval of a material, part, or appliance must, upon request, submit to the Administrator any technical data respecting that material, part, or appliance.

[Amdt. 21-25, 34 FR 14068, Sept. 5, 1969]