Sec. 23.1015 - Oil tank tests.

Each oil tank must be tested under 23.965, except that --

(a) The applied pressure must be five p.s.i. for the tank construction instead of the pressures specified in 23.965(a);

(b) For a tank with a nonmetallic liner the test fluid must be oil rather than fuel as specified in 23.965(d), and the slosh test on a specimen liner must be conducted with the oil at 250 F.; and

(c) For pressurized tanks used with a turbine engine, the test pressure may not be less than 5 p.s.i. plus the maximum operating pressure of the tank.

[Doc. No. 4080, 29 FR 17955, Dec. 18, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 23-15, 39 FR 35460, Oct. 1, 1974]