Sec. 23.1017 - Oil lines and fittings.

(a) Oil lines. Oil lines must meet 23.993 and must accommodate a flow of oil at a rate and pressure adequate for proper engine functioning under any normal operating condition.

(b) Breather lines. Breather lines must be arranged so that --

(1) Condensed water vapor or oil that might freeze and obstruct the line cannot accumulate at any point;

(2) The breather discharge will not constitute a fire hazard if foaming occurs, or cause emitted oil to strike the pilot's windshield;

(3) The breather does not discharge into the engine air induction system; and

(4) For acrobatic category airplanes, there is no excessive loss of oil from the breather during acrobatic maneuvers, including short periods of inverted flight.

(5) The breather outlet is protected against blockage by ice or foreign matter.

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