Sec. 23.1549 - Powerplant and auxiliary power unit instruments.

For each required powerplant and auxiliary power unit instrument, as appropriate to the type of instruments --

(a) Each maximum and, if applicable, minimum safe operating limit must be marked with a red radial or a red line;

(b) Each normal operating range must be marked with a green arc or green line, not extending beyond the maximum and minimum safe limits;

(c) Each takeoff and precautionary range must be marked with a yellow arc or a yellow line; and

(d) Each engine, auxiliary power unit, or propeller range that is restricted because of excessive vibration stresses must be marked with red arcs or red lines.

[Amdt. 23-12, 41 FR 55466, Dec. 20, 1976, as amended by Amdt. 23-28, 47 FR 13315, Mar. 29, 1982; Amdt. 23-45, 58 FR 42166, Aug. 6, 1993]