Sec. 23.1563 - Airspeed placards.

There must be an airspeed placard in clear view of the pilot and as close as practicable to the airspeed indicator. This placard must list --

(a) The operating maneuvering speed, VO; and

(b) The maximum landing gear operating speed VLO.

(c) For reciprocating multiengine-powered airplanes of more than 6,000 pounds maximum weight, and turbine engine-powered airplanes, the maximum value of the minimum control speed, VMC (one-engine-inoperative) determined under 23.149(b).

[Amdt. 23-7, 34 FR 13097, Aug. 13, 1969, as amended by Amdt. 23-45, 58 FR 42166, Aug. 6, 1993; Amdt. 23-50, 61 FR 5193, Feb. 9, 1996]