Sec. 13.210 - Filing of documents.

(a) Address and method of filing. A person tendering a document for filing shall personally deliver or mail the signed original and one copy of each document to the Hearing Docket, Federal Aviation Administration, 800 Independence Avenue, SW., Room 924A, Washington, DC 20591, Attention: Hearing Docket Clerk. A person shall serve a copy of each document on each party in accordance with 13.211 of this subpart.

(b) Date of filing. A document shall be considered to be filed on the date of personal delivery; or if mailed, the mailing date shown on the certificate of service, the date shown on the postmark if there is no certificate of service, or other mailing date shown by other evidence if there is no certificate of service or postmark.

(c) Form. Each document shall be typewritten or legibly handwritten.

(d) Contents. Unless otherwise specified in this subpart, each document must contain a short, plain statement of the facts on which the person's case rests and a brief statement of the action requested in the document.

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