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This is an opportunity for local businesses to be featured on Pilotfriend. Pilots planning to fly to your local airfield often use our web pages as a first port of call. Whether you have an aircraft maintenance facility, local hotel, pub or operate a taxi, this is an excellent place to feature yourself. The cost is just 10 (GBP) a year on a three year contract.

The banner size is 160 px (wide) X 90 px (high). You can either send us your banner by email, or if you do not have one, we will make one for you.

You will need to make your payment using the PayPal link below:

Once your payment has been cleared by PayPal, you will be returned a from which we ask you to fill in and submit. Your banner will be up and running very shortly!

If you wish to have your banner on more pages, just repeat the process above!