Effective 08 June 2006 to 05 July 2006

General Info
Country Afghanistan
Time UTC+4:30
Latitude 34.946139
34 56' 46.10" N
Longitude 69.264972
069 15' 53.90" E
Elevation 4895 feet
1492 meters
Type Military
Magnetic Variation 002 E (02/06)
Operating Agency U.S.AIR FORCE

TWR 118.5
GND 125.9
ATIS 134.25
APP 133.35
Communications Remarks  
APP Ctc APP at least 10 min prior to Bagram CTA entry.

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Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
03/21 9852 x 180 feet
3003 x 55 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
TACAN BGM BAGRAM 105X - At Field -

A-GEAR A-G on S end rqr 30 min PN.
CAUTION Ctl explosions and de-mining ops in vcnty of arpt, ATC will advise. Acft opr blw FL210 may experience a loss of rdo and/or radar ctc with Bagram ATC at dist greater than 30 NM. MPN-25 (ASR/PAR) PMI Mon-Fri 1930-2130Z. Hi potential for hydroplanning when rwy sfc is wet. Rwy in advanced state of decay, increased possibility of FOD. Avoid ovft 1/2 mile NE dep end Rwy 03, burn pit will cause inadvertent flare dispersal. tkof obstacle rwy 03 4900' MSL ant , 599' fr DER, 510' leftof cntrln. Lit twr, 120' AGL, Rwy 03 apch end 1,250 ft E of cntrln. Lit twr, 120' AGL, 1,250 ' E of cntrln midfield Rwy 03/21. Poss 1/2 rwy width clsd for const, ctc App for status. Twy H btn twys B and E is 44 ft wide. Acft use inboard eng only to reduce FOD.
FUEL Fuel ltd to US Mil only, C-17 acft for follow-on flt only. Trans mil acfr Prior Coord Rqr.
LGT Non-std Rwy/Twy lgt. Rwy 03/21 Emerg Afld Lgt System (EALS) consisting of MIRL'sand REIL's with three settings. Ctc RAPCON on initial apch for preferential ints setting. Single setting Lgt-Carmanah 601 solar lgt are co-located with MIRL'sAND REIL's. Twy lgt are solar powered and non-std spaced.
MISC Winds are est due to FMQ-13 wind sensors being accurate to within only +/- 4KT. ATC/Wx will not include/relay wind corrections into fcst/phraseology. Therefore aircrews will inc a +/- 4KT accuracy into their decision making process for flying opr. Afld Management DSN 318-231-4411. Comd Post DSN 318-231-4400. ATOC DSN 318-231-2115. All acft use taxi/position lgt dur gnd ops. acft requesting tactical apch at ngt must hold til cl D airspace is free of other tfc.
RSTD Afld is PPR for all acft. Use OAIX form @ TAC C-17 or AMDC-130 ctc scheduling. Emerg safe alt within 100NM is 22,600' MSL. If BAF is under attrack, remain at/abv FL250 and/or 15NM till drct by ATC. Do not overfly Wside of arpt blw 1000' AGL. MPN-25 radar ASR/PAR INST proc auth for US CENTAF OPCON acft/AMC/Army in support of OEF, all others must get apvl from their OPCON.
TRAN ALERT No ramp svcs avbl. Deploying units bring own fire extinguishers.