Aeronautica Macchi Holding / Aermacchi SpA
Venegono-Superiore, founded: 1912

Aeronautica Macchi Holding / Aermacchi SpA - Via Paolo Foresio 1 - 21040 Venegono Superiore (Varese)

Tel : +39 331 865910

Fax : +39 331 813450 / 827 595

Aeronautica Macchi was one of the pioneer aviation companies in Italy.  It's most famous aircraft were the seaplanes that participated in the Schneider trophy races in the 1920s and 30s.

Today Aermacchi is known for its jet trainers and light close support aircraft. 


1912: Guilio Macchi forms Societa Anonima Nieuport-Macchi to build Nieuport designs.

1920s: The firm changes its name to Aeronautica Macchi.

1946: Macchi is rebuilt building light general aircraft.

1961: The company's name is shortened to Aermacchi.