Helio Aircraft Company

Helio Aircraft Company will re-introduce into production two modernized lines of proven special-purpose short take off and landing (STOL) aircraft that were originally introduced in the 1950ís.  The initial product line will consist of two models, the Helio Courier, a single engine STOL aircraft, and the Helio Stallion, a turboprop STOL aircraft.  The Company intends to manufacture, market and sell the modernized versions of these special purpose utility aircraft to general, commercial and military aviation customers worldwide. 

History of the Company

The Helio Aircraft Corporation began the manufacture of Short (Field) Take Off and Landing (STOL) aircraft in the early 1950's, following extensive experimental work that began in the late 1940's and a series of flight tests in 1948.The fundamental concept underlying the development of what became the Helio Courier was a desire to develop a very safe STOL airplane that was highly manoeuvrable at slow airspeeds. The element of controllability at low airspeeds was the primary objective of the founders of Helio Aircraft Corporation, a concept that they called C/STOL (Controlled Short Take Off and Landing). Alliance Aircraft Group, LLC was created by the principals of Helio Enterprises, Inc. in early 1997. Helio Enterprises, Inc. is a corporation formed in 1992 for the purposes of acquiring the assets of the former Helio Aircraft Company. This acquisition included the FAA type certificates for the Helio Courier,  Helio Twin Courier and Helio Stallion aircraft, the Supplemental Type Certificate used to convert the landing gear on the Courier to tricycle gear, and all related tooling and  jigs, drawings, engineering data and production documentation. Although the group made significant progress in realizing their developmental goals, the death of one of the principals of the group required the remaining members to reconsider the future of the project in light of their individual obligations to other business interests. The project was put on hold temporarily, but we are currently working on a plan to put the Helio aircraft back into production under a new corporation, Helio Aircraft Company.