Hiller Helicopters

Hiller Helicopters was formed by Stanley Hiller, Jr. to develop small coaxial helicopters.  Hiller found success with a more conventional helicopter--the UH-12.  The company built several other prototypes but none matched the success of the UH-12.


1942: Hiller Aircraft Company is formed to develop helicopters.

1948: Company reorganized as Hiller Helicopters.

1964: Hiller taken over by Fairchild to form Fairchild Hiller.

1966: Company renamed Fairchild Industries.

1973: Heliparts, a company supporting existing Hiller products, renames itself Hiller Aviation.

1984: Hiller Aviation becomes a subsidiary of Rogerson Aircraft passing through several names--Hiller Helicopters, Rogerson Helicopters and Rogerson Hiller.